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Hand Bag tying machine with U aluminum nails
Products description:
machine exquisite, simple to operate, easy to move, durable, user's
personal safety and security. Mainly applied to mushrooms, white fungus
and other fungi inoculation Punch varieties tying job, automatic feed
screw, high efficiency, air tightness tying for bacteria and cultivation
of pocket bag tying operation, work efficiency Hand 3-5 times, and
after tying fungus bag tightness good, completely solve the poor quality
of hand-cuffs, low efficiency problem. Snap tying, 17 with a fine
nails, thick nails with 20 or more. Cuff with buckle made of high
strength aluminum-magnesium alloy, hard but not brittle, no rust tying
tight, no leakage fungus bag tying machine can give a diameter of: 15cm /
17 cm / 18 cm / 20 cm / 22 cm / 23cm various specifications fungus bag
tying job, every 1 to 3 seconds to tie a fungus bag, hand-cuffs
efficiency will be increased by 8 to 10 times.

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