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In mushroom industry , the autoclave sterilizer equipment material is often carbon steel.According to outline difference, thereare round sterilizer and rectangle sterilizer. Roundsteriliz er material is 8mm carbon steel;rectangle is 10mm carbon steel. All capacity canbe customized as actual demand.

Diameter :160cm ; Length: 400cm. Double door structure and manual control system. 90kw power consumption

Model Specification Capacity Weight
STS-1 235*90*165cm 0.9m3 530kg
STS-2 120*3000cm 3.4m3 1500kg
STS-3 700*233*200cm 13m3 5000kg
STS-4 860*270*200cm 25m3 7600kg
STS-5 1320*290*260cm 47m3 11500kg
STS-6 1350*313*289cm 55m3 15000kg
STS-8 105*138*220cm 3.2m3 4000kg
The capacity can be customized as order

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