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Industrial ultrasonic humidifier 3kg/hr mist
Products description:



1. inside the mahcine is  Integrated ultrasound movement

2. the humidification grain is small ,diameter is only 1-5 μm

3. automatically control,show the current humidification

4. automatic water in-put,has water overflow protection

5. the stones of the fogging generator can be replaced,the repairing work is very easy and convinent

6. very good humidifting effection,the highest humidification can reach 99%

7. in botton of the machines,there are universal wheel,can move freely


Using situation

1. working temperature: the normal working temperature is 0-40 degree centigrade

2. water  : using  Clean neutral water



ultrasonic industrial humidifier adopt computer control system, with many advantages such as good reliability, easy control, various function, and beautiful appearance. This product apply to constant temperature and humidity unit, fresh air handling unit, air duct, humidify directly to the air. 


Operating insutruction

1.First put the machine on flat ground, insert the air pipe; 

2.check the drainage valves is close;

3.plug into power supply with the power line enclosed machine, the fan will work and start to water; 

4.if you want to water by hand, open the upper water tank, water inside and stop when the light on panel be red; 

5.if you want to tap water, use the flexible pipe to connect tap, open the tap, when water reach the limited level, it will stop by the control of floating ball;

6.setting the controller ( follow the instruction of controller above), the machine start to work when the current environment humidity below the low limit you set, and it makes fog when water reach the limited level; 

7.fog will stop when the current environment humidity above the upper limit you set.

8.Don’t rock machine wildly during working.


Advanced equipment

We also have many other advanced mushroom cultivation machines,you can choose what you want,

If you have any question about newest technology mushroom cultivate  machine ,pls don't hesitate to contact me.

Industrial ultrasonic humidifier 3kg/hr mist producer 

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