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Manual conveyor, gravity conveyor
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Advantage  of  the scraper conveyor

1.GB-series scraper conveyor is composed of conveying chute,chain and scraper,etc.

2.The conveyor is of simple structure and high conveying efficiency.

3.The product is widely used for raw material conveying of factory large-scale cultivated edible mushroom.


1. Suggest to client suitable models of as customer need.

2. Introduce machine's structure and features in detail, explain the price component;

3. answer client concerned questions.



1. Start production as soon as receiving down payment.

2. Send photos of machine in manufacturing and finished photos to client, for your better 
learn about the machine's condition.

3. Delivery machine in time, taking photos during loading, so you can "remote monitoring" 
your goods.

4. Documents and certificate available in time.

5. Manual documents available. Engineer can be sent to client site for installation instruction.

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