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Metal Adjustable Mushroom Growing Wire Shelf
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Metal Adjustable Mushroom Growing Wire Shelf

Product  Features of mushroom shelves:

factory storage metal rack, structured with pallets and beams are most widely used. 

This kind of steel pallet racking is widely used together with forklifts , steel storage containers, steel pallets  and storage boxes.

1. pallet rack is designed to store pallet cargo,

 It enables you to make full use of the storage space. With a wide range of optional solutions and components available, we can design special pallet racking according to your requirements.
2. pallet racking can be coupled with different specifications of pallets and containers.
3. It can coordinate with all the handling equipment and operational equipment.
4. pallet racking is manufactured in accordance with international quality standard ISO9001:2000, as well as international design standard SEMA, FEM, and AS4084,

Each level can be adjustable at 75mm per pitch and the maxmum loading is 25000kg with the maxmum length of 12 meters.

Each level loading duty is from 20kgs to 600kgs, depending on the beam length.

Pallets made of different material with various sizes, can be used on practical stackable pallet racks.

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