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The Way to grow Mushroom:

1.You can grow mushroom at home or do factory cultivation under lot budget.

2.There are two different cultivation ways: One is cultivated in bag; Another is in bottle.

3.Most can choose grow mushrooms in plastic bottles.Due to it can reach complete automatic operation and will save many labors.


Bottle Cultivation Brief Introduction:

1.We have Two Types Bottles: mushroom bottle & mushroom spawn bottle.

2.Mushroom Bottle: capacity 850ml,1100ml,1200ml,1400ml,etc

3.Mushroom Spawn Bottle: capacity 720ml,900ml,950ml


Technical Data of Mushroom Bottles:

Types Capacity Caliber bottle diameter Height
Mushroom Bottle 850ml 5.8cm 9.5cm 16cm
Mushroom Bottle 1100ml 7.5cm 10cm 17.5cm/18.5cm
Mushroom Spawn Bottle 720ml 3.2cm,3,6cm,4cm 8.4cm 17.5cm
Mushroom Spawn Bottle 750ml 4.5cm 8.4cm 17.5cm
Mushroom Spawn Bottle 900ml 3.6cm 8.5cm 20cm

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