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Mushroom Plant Climate Control Machine
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Mushroom Cultivation Room Split Climate Control Machine

1.To create excellent conditions for mushrooms (Perotus Eryngii, Agarcus Bispos, Flammulina) growing.
2. The optimum growing temperature, Humidity & CO2 for each kind of mushroom respectively.
Product Features
1. Hermtic scroll type compressor, stable operation.
2. The host and colling fan have complete model, air cooled/ water cooled optional.
3. Each room individually or in parallel configuration of a refrigeration system to ensure that the production is not affexted.
4. Without intervention,automatic thermostatic operation, temperature control device accurately control temperature.
5. Box-type structure, beautiful appearance,quick installation, machine come into use only need to connect refrigerant piping.
6. Automatic fault detection, to shorten the repair time.
7. The indoor fan has micro circulation function, so as to create the mushroom room balanced growth environment.

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