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Mushroom production Plastic Inoculation stick
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Features of Inoculating stick:

1)The inoculation stick is made of plastic material with high temperature and high pressure resistance.

2)durable quality with 8 years lifetime(note: clean & dry it after usage)

3)Common dimension: diameter:1.6cm,1.8cm,2.0cm and 2.5cm ; length, 9cm,12 cm,13cm,15cm,16cm,18cm and 20 cm etc. Other size can be customized

4)could increase the survival rate of the fungi bags,reduce pollution & energy consumption.

5)shorten the production cycle of fungi bags above 25days. 

6)the indispensable instrument of edible fungi spawn & cultivation. 


Operation Method of Inoculating Stick:

After compost fill into bag, insert the inoculating stick into the bag. Through the sterilization process, move out of the stick after it cooling. After then, inoculate the spawn and seal the bag. Put the compost bag into cultivation room.

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