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Square retort for mushroom steam heating
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1.The autoclave replace the inner chamber air to adopt the way of vacuumizing and inputting steam, have the character of fast warming up and strong penetrability, no  blind angle when sterilizing, insure the sterilizing effect.

2.According to the sterilizing craft of the different  fungi substrate, realize the technology setup change of the  vacuum times, sterilizing temperature and pressure, time  easily.

3.Double lines temperature all participate in the control when in sterilizing process, the procedures has the full-automatic diagnostic function, can correct program automatically, automatic running without any fault.

mushroom autoclave steam sterilizer Type autoclave For Fungus bag Advantages

    The  mushroom fungi Sterilizer is our patented product,which is professional for edible fungus sterilization.
    It has the following features:
    Don't need boiler, cost saving
    High efficiency and energy saving can save 50% than conventional sterilization
    High temperature and high pressure sterilization is more thoroughly and no dead angle
    Don't need install, buy & play
    With normal pressure vessel, safety and reliable

Features of the autoclave sterilizer                                                                       

1. It is heated directly but it is cooled indirectly. The cooling water and sterilizing water are not mixed together, avoiding the secondary pollution.
2. It does not need water sterilizing chemicals and the high temperature can contribute to the sterilization in a short time.
3. A small quantity of sterilizing water can circulate quickly to reach the expected sterilizing temperature.
4. Multiple-step temperature raise and down can keep the color and flavor of food production.
5. Low noise, energy saving, water saving and environment protection.
6. It can save space and labor. It is operated easily.

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