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Standard Air Shower Price for Clean Room
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Brief Introduction:
Air shower, as a prevelantly used equipment in clean room, effectively and efficiently removes dust particles on the surface of personnel so that dusts will not be brought into the clean room by such personnel. Meanwhile, air shower acts as an air lock which separates clean area and unclean area to keep the clean room in steady pressure.
Alternative Configuration:
a. Stainless steel construction; b. Intercom; c. Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp/yellow light; d. Buzzer; e. Non-flooring-plate design (easy for light- weight vehicle in and out)
f. Automatic door; g. Non-standard air shower clean room is available

1. Fully auto controlled by computer, 2 electronic interlocking door, infrared sensor to automatically blow and shower
2. Duration for showering adjustable from 0 second to 99 seconds with time display and voice prompt, easy to operate with membrane touch switches
3. High-quality stainless steel floor and nozzles
4. Air velocity up to 25m/s, professional and fast design, customized products

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