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Sterilization bag autoclave buy mushroom bag
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Introduction of mushroom bag:


Polypropylene Type: transparent, suit for autoclaved sterilization

Polyethylene Type:   semitransparent,suit for atmospheric sterillization


2.Bags: Common Bag or Bag with microporus filter patch



Type 1: Common Bags



Regular Size of the Common Bags:

shii-take mushroom bag:15*55cm, Polyethylene


Oyster mushroom bag:22*48cm, Polyethylene


Eryngii mushroom bag:17/18*35cm,Polypropylene


the size of the bag could be customized.



Type 2: Bag with microporus filter patch



Description of the Bag with microporus filter patch:

1.An autoclavable, patented spawn incubation bag with a microporus filter patch that allows gas exchange but precludes the passage of contaminants.

2.these bags are gusseted on both sides, allowing them to hold more material.


3.Widely used by mushroom growers throughout the world.


4.We use them for cultures and for growing oyster with a straw mixture.


5.We seal with an impulse sealer, but many just tie to seal them. Reusable in most circumstances.



Regular Size of the Bag with microporus filter patch:

1)100*80*350mm, thickness 0.05


2)130*120*500mm,thickness 0.06


3)200*120*500mm,thickness 0.06


4)200*120*650mm,thickness 0.06


5)250*140*500mm,thickness 0.08


6)250*140*650mm,thickness 0.08


the size of the bag could be customized.

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