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automatic bagging machine

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    Intelligent edible fungus mixture stamping automatic bagging, loading machine is in the edible fungus culture material, bagging process set suction bags, bagging, feeding, loading, stamping, and out of bags as one of the microcomputer automatic control machinery, Simple operation, stable operation, loading speed, packing quality, loading height adjustable, stable weight, adjustable elastic. Related technology has been a national invention patents and a number of utility model patents, has a very high practical value, suitable for automatic assembly line of large manufacturers and retail, can save a lot of manpower and resources. With the Division I invented the "bag of edible fungus mixture automatic ring capping machine" has been a national invention patent, simple structure, easy operation, the process of independent and clear, accurate and accurate processing, all reasonable and orderly process, process The process of convergence smooth, to achieve a bag of edible fungus mixture "beam mouth - ring - pressure bag mouth - gland seal - loaded; and so on the process of automatic mechanization cycle.

     These two inventions, to fill the domestic, the world's bag factory production automation of intelligent assembly line blank. Rapid economic development, accelerated pace of life, convenient, fast, high efficiency, is the inevitable trend of social development, edible fungus industry production efficiency, economic efficiency, to achieve greater and longer-term development

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