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customizeable price mushroom cultivation bottle
Products description:

The Way to grow Mushroom:

1.You can grow mushroom at home or do factory cultivation under lot budget.

2.There are two different cultivation ways: One is cultivated in bag; Another is in bottle.

3.Most can choose grow mushrooms in plastic bottles.Due to it can reach complete automatic operation and will save many labors.


Types Capacity Caliber bottle diameter Height
Mushroom Bottle 850ml 5.8cm 9.5cm 16cm
Mushroom Bottle 1100ml 7.5cm 10cm 17.5cm/18.5cm
Mushroom Spawn Bottle 720ml 3.2cm,3,6cm,4cm 8.4cm 17.5cm
Mushroom Spawn Bottle 750ml 4.5cm 8.4cm 17.5cm
Mushroom Spawn Bottle 900ml 3.6cm 8.5cm 20cm


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