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enoki mushroom bag filling production line
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         Mushroom bag filling machine  mainly used in process of compost
filling.Whatever you grow in bag or grow in bottle, you must finish the
filling compost into bag/bottle. The model machine can help you improve
the working efficiency. 

         In whole mushroom plant, bag filling machine is necessary. Of course,
different mushroom farm scale, different bag filling machine models. As
usual, there are three models capacity: 1. 500bags/hour capacity 2.
800bags/hour capacity 3.1200bags/hour capacity.

        Please note, filling efficiency will be affected by some other factors,
such as worker operate the machine well or not, compost bag size is big
or small etc. For example, when you grow erygnii mushroom in 17*35cm
Bag, each bag hold 1.1kg compost; when you grow oyster mushroom in
22*48cm Bag, each bag hold 2.5kg compost.

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