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full automatic bagging machine for mushroom

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Hottest mushroom cultivate bag filling machine used for mushrooms, white fungus, etc. Use of safe, high degree of intelligence, anti-inflation does not break the bag.and bag machine use custom clutch, the industry's largest, increased thickening materials, better quality internal components, torque is four times larger than common, more stable performance and long service life.

The advantage and structure of mushroom cultivate bag filling machine
1. Intelligent: microcomputer control, bagging length, tightness, the actual situation, speed, can freely adjust it's all decide by you.
2. Facilitation: the full-function fault self-diagnosis, large-screen display fault code and flash alarm,you can solve the problem at the first time.
3. High efficiency: only one person bagging, bagging more than a thousand bags per hour efficiency, saving labor, saving time and effort.
4. Less malfunction:whole industrialized high standard design optimization,lower fault, longer life.
5. Big bags, pouches,thick bags,Fine bag, long bags,short bags, avoid cutting bag also can be used, a multi-purpose bag.

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