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hot selling industrial Cubic Food Autoclave
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hot selling industrial Cubic Food Autoclave


The overview of the cubic high-quality sterilzing cabinet :
1. The cubic high-quality sterilzing cabinet has particular pipeline design and advanced control programs, which ensure quick heating, good penetrability and effect of sterilization as well as saving energy.
2. The body of sterilizer is pressed with special materials into a rectangular structure .There are two types of automatic doors: lift door and level-moving door. The sterilizer has safety interlocking device, when the pressure outside the sterilizer is higher than safe pressure, the door can not be opened. 
3. Sterilizer has characteristics of advanced technology, flexible settings, easy operation and high degree of automation. You can set different parameters (the number of times, temperature, pressure, time etc.) according to different kinds of food. The sterilizer has a memory card which can store temperature data and pressure data for many years.
4. Main parts of the sterilizer is imported, which ensure low fault rate.
5. The seal groove of the door is on the body of the sterilizer. This kind of design is safe, reliable and gas-tight. 
6. The two lines of temperature control devices are used in the whole sterilizing process. The programs of the sterilizer for mushroom have the function of automatic diagnosis which make sure that it run automatically.

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