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hot selling plastic bottle for mushroom china
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hot selling plastic bottle for mushroom china

it is the sporocarp of terminte mushroom that belongs to tricholomataceae, it is one of the treasures in edible mushroom. Modern medicine research finds that it has ergosterol substance and effective constituent which can cure diabetes mellitus, it has obvious effect to lower blood glucose and owns the function of inhibiting tumour growth. Black collybia albuminosa is a very special thing in fungi. From ancient to nowadays, blackcollybia albuminosa has always been a best selling variety for its particular taste and rich nutrition

For the bottles ,we have Two Types according to its usage:
Type 1: use for cultivating mushroom,850/1100/1200/1400ml,etc for choose
      Our 850ml Mushroom Bottle,Caliber is 5.8cm, Bottle Diameter 9.5cm & Height is 16cm.

Type 2: use for cultivating spawn,720/850/900/950ml,etc for choose

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