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Galvanized metal shelves variety of storage shelves system is the most common form of rack .The whole assembly, in the form of column piece + beam structure, structure concise and effective.According to the characteristics of container equipment storage unit equipped with, such as: gear, steel layer board (wood floor), metal mesh layer, storage cage guide, drum cradle and other functional accessories.



cold storage pallet rack composed of columns, beams, cross braces,diagonal bracing and self-locking screw , can effectively prevent the screw looseness caused shelves after buckling with ;The structure is simple, reliable, light weight, strong bearing capacity, the characteristics of low cost;Post CARDS and column connection with a specially designed safety pin, can make sure the beams under impact force does not fall off;Layer board USES the international on the strip layer board, has a strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, change of the characteristics of simple, the maintenance cost is low.

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