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mushroom autoclave steam sterilizer machinery

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1.The sterilizer equipment has particular pipeline design and advanced control programs,which make sure quick heating,good penetrability as well as save energy.

2.The body of mushroom sterilizer is pressed with special stainless steel material into rectangular structure.There are two doors, one is connected with bagging room , another is connected with inoculation room, which convenient to put and take out the cultivation bag and improve the working efficiency.

3.The sterilizer has character of advanced technology, flexible setings,easy operation,high degree of automation.According to mushroom types, you can set different parameters.It has its own recorder system and will keep it for many years.

Push the cart with fungus into the sterilizer→close the door→press the start button→
vacuumize and inflate steam→continue to inflate the steam and heating up to the 
specified temperature→keep the temperature for a certain time→exhaust the steam→
end the alarm→open the door and take out the fungus.

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