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mushroom autoclave sterilizer price

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Performance Characteristics of the autoclave sterilizer
1Sterilizing thoroughly
The sterilizer we produce adopts multiple vacuum and inflatable 
steam to exchange the air inside the chamber,to prevent the 
producing of cold air mass.so that to ensure the sterilizing effect.On 
the other hand,own to the vacuum state inside the chamber,the 
steam have strong penetrability and increasing temperature quickly.
There are no dead angle during the sterilized mushroom,can save a 
lot of energy

2Simple operation,
high automation level
The control system adopts PLC touch screen,just need to open the 
switch,steam admission,exhaust steam,heating up,pressure 
maintaining can be automatically controlled.

3Advanced technology,
flexible setting
You can set the program like number of vacuum,sterilizing temperature,
sterilizing time etc according to different fungus.In order to get the 
effect and multi-purpose.

4High-grade configuration,
low price and low repair rate
The main mountings of the sterilizer are imported,like control system
adopts Siemens,pneumatic valve use Germany Baode,vacuum 
generator and pneumatic one-way valve use Japan SMC.Although 
the sterilizer have high-grade configuration,the price is lower than
our same industrial.

5Reasonable design,
complete in specifications
We can produce the sterilizer with all kinds of size from2-70m3.In 
order to use all the space,we mainly produce square sterilizer.The 
size or volume of the sterilizer absolutely according to customers’ 
production.We can design all the data of the sterilizer for the 
customers free of charge.

6Excellent pre-sale and after-sale service
We can produce the sterilizer according to your site size,position of 
the steam and water pipe,packaging size and production.

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