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mushroom bagging and mouthing machine

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Brief discription of mushroom bagging and mouthing machine

1)This automatic fungus grow bag bagger adopts the advanced electromagnetic clutch, and choose electric control switch, improved charging elastic brake control system.
2)It can working without hurting bags. The length of this machine is adjustable, bagging tightness is adjustable,  Bagging specification is adjustable bags. Bag mouth folding diameter 15-24 cm, bag length 10-65cm.
3)This machine is designed exquisite, well-made and has rapid bagging speed, long working life.
For spiral push feeding type, the feeding volume can be adjusted according to users’ needs,filling in densely and evenly, working smoothly, saving time and energy.

4)This bagging machine can not only fill the substrates but also close the mouth of the bags ,it is used for Auricularia auricula enoki ,oyster mushroom

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