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substrate mixer
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  • Product Name:substrate mixer
  • Package:Packed in wooden box
  • Model:XTME80-200
Products description:

    Substrate mixer mainly mix mushroom growing compost ,such as sawdust ,cotton seed hull,corn bran and lime.Meanwhile, it own add water function while mixing process.

     According to its appearance model , there are horizontal mixer and vertical mixer.In the process of mushroom cultivation,horizontal mixer is popular one and widely used by mushroom grower.As usual, one mixer machine cover power,body case,rotation axis etc.

     We are a professional manufacturer for mushroom equipment, meanwhile as a mixer supplier.We can supply you the high quality mixer equipment.In the process of adding material, you can do it by labor or automatic operation.

     Like this mixing equipment,it's usually used for mushroom growing substrate prepare.Different product output, different capacity request.We can supply you 100-10000kg per time etc different working efficiency.Meanwhile, it can be customized according to client's request.

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