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Agaricus mushroom agaric how to prevent? - 2017-11-11 08:33:31
1, dead mushroom reason:
    Continuous high temperature, poor ventilation, lack of nutrients, improper use of water, hyphae aging, pH discomfort, fruiting too dense and the site is too high, pests and diseases, abuse of pesticides can lead to Agaricus bisporus.
    2, prevention and control measures:
    1) voted enough training material. Agaricus bisporus growth and development and any biological, like, need adequate nutrition, mushroom cultivation to obtain high yield, to avoid malnutrition and mushroom Lei death occurs in the preparation of culture materials, the required amount of 30-35 kg / square meters , And do a good job of training the material piling and fermentation work, this will help overcome the late fruiting mushrooms due to lack of nutrition, so as to obtain high yield.
    2) Selection of high quality strains. Pick mycelium grow strong and powerful bacteria bell. Nutrient species culture should be adequate nutrients, training room clean, fresh air. Strains culture process should always check the temperature changes, so that mycelium growth at the appropriate temperature, the timely elimination of contaminated bacteria.
    3) timely cultivation. South central and southern parts of China are generally prepared in August, heap system, sown in September.
    4) scientific water. Water management should be due to the weather, fruiting volume, due to the time, sunny and more spray, spray less rainy days, Mushroom more ground spray, mushroom less spray. Mushroom water to be ruthless fruiting water to be stable, turn the tide should be heavy, to maintain water often. Scientific water, to avoid shutting water.
    5) Ventilation. The normal growth and development of mushrooms must absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. High concentrations of carbon dioxide harmful to the development of fruiting bodies, fruiting shed long-term poor ventilation, carbon dioxide concentration is too large, lack of oxygen on the growth and development of mushrooms have a negative impact, therefore, pay attention to ventilation in the cultivation.
    6) pest control. Cultivation consistent "to prevent the main supplement," the principle. Completely eliminate the source and source of insects, prevent pests and diseases with the culture material into the bed; use of post-fermentation to kill pests and diseases; pests and diseases after the timely removal of mushrooms mushrooms, and medication to prevent the spread of expansion.