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The reason of black water flow in shiitake log mycelium period - 2020-09-07 14:14:28

Although the phenomenon of black water flowing during the fungus period brings small loss to mushroom farmers, it cannot be ignored, especially during the period of more summer. In fact, there are many factors causing black water flowing during the fungus period of mushroom sticks:

1. The mixture ratio of fungus sticks is not scientific, or the fungus sticks accumulate for a long time and turn sour, which will easily cause the fungus sticks to flow black water during the fungus period.

2. High moisture content in lentinus edodes fungus sticks, high humidity in the air during production, no or little ventilation, and too much nutrition in the culture medium.

3. The phenomenon of black water flowing from fungus sticks is quite obvious in old producing areas, and the main factor is closely related to the incomplete insecticidal effect, and some mites affect the fungus sticks.The phenomenon of black water flow caused by mites and nematodes is basically from the hole.Small insects from the hole into the fungus sticks, and carry the bacteria, eventually produce the phenomenon of black water, so we must not ignore insect control.

4. The temperature of lentinus edodes fungus sticks is too high or the holes are punctured late, which will easily lead to the occurrence of red water flow of lentinus edodes fungus sticks.

5. The high temperature of fungus sticks and the high humidity in the bag are also an important reason for the occurrence of black water in the fungus sticks. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the temperature changes during the fungus sticks and take timely cooling measures.

If the situation of black water has appeared, you can cool down more, more ventilation, and then dig away the black fungus block, to reduce the loss